4 Reasons Why Jourdan Dunn Is Our Ultimate Life Goal

I have loved Cara Delevingne ever since I ran into her in the Meatpacking wearing her spectacular Bart Simpson speckled Jeremy Scott sweater over a year ago. She and fellow Brit Jourdan Dunn constantly seem joined at the hip, doing everything together from modeling in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show to partying at Lavo. Cara always seems to be the star of the show but after last night at the Harper’s Bazaar Women of the Year awards, it would seem that it is time for Ms. Dunn to take center stage. Nabbing a Model of the Year award while wearing a daring Julien Macdonald gown with a long fishnetted slit up the side, allowing just a peak at her G string thong. The svelte supermodel literally glowed next to her musician pal Rita Ora ( winner of the Musician of the Year award)  while at the Claridge’s after party.  The events of last night are not the only reason why Jourdan may be the next “it” model over Cara. Here are four more reasons why you too should become a fan.

1. She is a mother and is STILL that hot!: Jourdan gave birth to her son Riley in 2009 and still continued on with a successful modeling career while raising him, born with Sickle Cell Anemia, as a single mom. Bare in mind that she is only 23. I am 20 years old and still need to ask directions whenever I find myself in St Mark’s.

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2. She models and she cooks: If you have yet to watch the Youtube series, Well Dunn with Jourdan Dunn, then I recommend that you do- right now! On this series, Jourdan teaches you how to cook everything from Shrimp Tempura to Jambalaya. The series features fellow models such as Cara and musicians such as Wale. I like a model who eats, but I love ANYONE who can cook vegetarian curry while wearing undone overalls.


3. She did the robot at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show: To this day I still have no clue why Victoria’s Secret would put someone so coltishly sexy in a onesie, even for the Pink section. But leave it to Jourdan to pull it off and then make fun of herself at the end of her walk by pausing to do a little robot jig on live television.

Jourdan Dunn at The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show04

4. She looked hot in her revealing Julien Macdonald dress as well as her more reserved floor length black and white gown: It takes a rocking body and serious confidence to pull off something so wicked as Jourdan’s gold cutout dress- but it takes some serious sex appeal to look hot in her ladylike long black dress too!


Written by: Amanda Lang

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