Dolls Kill Creator, Shoddy Lynn, On What It Means To Be A Fashion Freak

Where can you find clothing inspiration pulled from bad acid trips, underground counterculture and stylized gutter punks? Only on, an online shop that emphasizes the edgiest, most experimental pieces to bring out a girl’s personal style. Dolls Kill is not for the chick who’s into playing it safe. In fact, creator Shoddy Lynn envisioned the shop as a melting pot where big personalities are extended by clothing choice. Dolls Kill is all about being yourself and leaving the idea of ‘normal’ behind. I talked to Dolls Kill founder, Shoddy Lynn, about saying bye to trends and unleashing your inner fashion freak. So go ahead, rock the boat and let your freak flag fly.

Stephanie Janetos: You started Dolls Kill a while back, before goth became a fashion statement like it is today. How did you so perfectly anticipate the trend?

Shoddy Lynn: When we started Dolls Kill, we didn’t really plan anything out. We spent a lot of our time in nightlife and dark underground clubs before Dolls Kill was born. The Mercy Doll, for example, is based off of a vibe we got from girls that were into this sort of culture. I hate to box Mercy in as a goth or emo, because she’s not, she’s just dark–whether she’s into Manson or Dark Techno, it’s all the same. Her heart is happiest in darkness and there’s a bit of that inside all of us girls, right? It’s an aesthetic, not a label. Trends all die, but true passion and soul don’t.

SJ: Dolls Kill is subverting Fashion Industry norms, but do you feel like by attempting to be “non-conformist” teenagers are actually just conforming to a different set of standards?

SL: Teenagers have always been about praised rebellion. Think of anarchists, punks, SKA kids. I mean, it’s always something. You can’t ATTEMPT to be Non Conformist. That’s an oxymoron in my opinion. People either have a bone in their body that makes them want to showcase who they are, other then through school and basic $hit, or they don’t, and there’s nothing wrong with that. You can’t conform by not conforming, that’s ridiculous. We’re about giving girls a place to go that feels like home, if wearing who they are on their sleeve feels true to them.

SJ: How did you conceive the Dolls? Are they based on people you know?

SL: Some are, some aren’t. Some are based off a group of individuals or even people that attend events. If the Dolls are based off any single person, it’s myself and all the identities I have felt come into play from fashion and growing up.

SJ: How did your experience growing up shape your vision for Dolls Kill? Any stories you can share?

SL: I was a techno DJ, traveling around with lots of people all the time. Music was a big part of the cultivation of the Dolls and what they encompass.

SJ: Which movies and icons are your favorites that have been the most influential for the brand?

SL: For books: 1984. For movies: TrainSpotting, Clueless, Fight Club, The Craft, Lolita…there are tons.

SJ: Which current style stars are killing the game right now?

SL: They all are, but the raver girl (ours is called Kandi) is totally hot right now because EDM has been killing it hard!

Featured Image: Katie Loo For Dolls Kill

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