Why You Need To Do It With Your Heels On

You hear about it in your favorite derogatory rap songs, and you see it in your favorite doing it scenes, but have you ever actually kept your stilettos on during doing it? If you haven’t, you’re missing out.

Unless you’re still somewhat of a waddling duck when sporting heels (if so, learn to walk in those thangs girl!), you know you feel the hottest when you’ve got a pair of sky high platforms on. You know what they say, the higher the heel, the closer to heaven. So why shouldn’t you keep them on when you’re getting a little naughty? After all, the hotter you feel about yourself during intimacy- the better.

First off, keeping your shoes on really doesn’t have to be a big deal. If you’re stripping yourself, just simply leave them on (although I don’t recommend wearing pants for this). If your man is stripping you down, just seductively tell him to leave your heels on.

Second, the point of wearing heels is that you can feel that extra umph of appeal when having intercourse. While I’m a huge fan of girl on top, you probably will forget you’re wearing heels since you’ll be sitting down. Utilize a standing position (such as bent over in front of him) to get the most out of your heel wearing experience. Besides, a little height might give your man the angle he needs to hit your G-spot.

Thirdly, choose your shoes wisely. I did it once in spiked Litas and while I was freaking obsessed with those shoes at the time… I definitely stabbed my boyfriend in the leg a few times (oops). Don’t choose shoes that are so painful you’ll be focusing on them instead of the sex, and try to choose shoes without sharp objects attached to them (although if you’re like me, this might be a challenge).

Maybe your man thinks you naked with a pair of black “do me” pumps is hot as hell, maybe he hardly even notices and is too busy staring at your new nipple rings. But hey, we all know guys never seem to notice that stuff anyways. If wearing heels during it makes you feel more like the bombshell that you are, power to you!

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