Does Anyone Even Buy Nail Polish?

This probably reveals the lifestyle I’m inherently a part of- where it’s normal not to do your own laundry and normal to not paint your own nails. Personally I find the latter slightly less embarrassing than the former, only because most people are terrible at painting nails and laundry everyone should know how to do. That said, I’ve had my laundry serviced a few times- convincing myself IM WAY TOO BUSY TO WASH CLOTHES DAAARLING, but honestly it’s the nicest thing ever.


I rarely get my nails done for a couple of particular reasons. Firstly- it’s a waste of money. I work in a restaurant on the weekends and wash a lot of dishes. Second- I hate people who not just love getting their nails done, but are really fussy about it. Literally the worst. Sitting in a nail salon next to someone who is super particular about a super temporary paint being applied to your super temporary canvas- a breakable nail- is the most obnoxious thing ever. Not to mention, pedicure lovers, and I mean those people who sit in those chairs and believe it depicts a certain social hierarchy. One must remember they’ll never be better than a nail painter, remember you’re sitting in that chair because you’re too useless to do it yourself.


I got my first pedicure a few weeks ago and it’s still on my toes (lol). I don’t know if that’s gross or not tbh, but at the time my feet were gross and it was not relaxing at all I just felt guilty that my crust was in this woman’s face. Don’t get me wrong, I love painted nails so much, I want those 3D style nails with like gold sculptures erupting out if them: ONE DAY.


But what I’m really getting at is who is buying all this nail polish that’s catered towards people who don’t know the first thing about nails? There’s so much of it everywhere. I know no one who paints their own nails, maybe like 2 people, and they’re that good you can’t notice. And because we can’t paint nails, they’ve created nail stickers which actually can work ok but I definitely believe they were created not out of creativity but because everyones starting to realize how redundant nail polish is to the average woman.

Ok, done.

Frankie Decaiza Hutchinson is the Online Editor at Galore Magazine. She specializes in slow jams, gold jewelry, fried chicken, and hating. She also delivers food and washes dishes on the weekend, because what black woman do you know with one job? Follow @FrankieFatGold

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