Do You Think You’re a Ho? 4 Reasons Why That’s OK

It’s totally fine. Don’t be ashamed that your number is higher than your other female friends, or even higher than your male friends. Here’s some points to make you feel better about something that you think is terrible that isn’t actually terrible.

Your Body’s Not a Temple

It can be if that’s what you desire, but one does unknowingly (or maybe not) partake in things that are grosser than sleeping with more than one person. Despite what Sinead O’Connor thought about Miley Cyrus’ body, you have the choice not to reserve it for that special someone.

Be Safe, Not Sorry

Just because you sleep with a lot of people, it does not mean that you’re more prone to sexual health problems. If you do not chose to use contraception and chose to sleep with a lot of people, it’s obviously more likely that you could run into sexual health problems. But as long as you use the necessary contraception that suits you, you can go about getting ass.

You’re Not a Slut

I mean you are, but you don’t believe the word carries any weight. It’s laughable. If the word slut is as bad as it gets and you still get to sleep with people how you chose to: just laugh.

Your Body is Your Own

So do what you want with your body.

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