Do these things instead of “preventative Botox”

Remember when doctors debunked the whole idea of “preventative” botox?

Tragique, I know, but at least that means there’s no need to pay hundreds of dollars for someone to stick needles in your face unnecessarily.

Take it from an actual plastic surgeon.

Dr. Melissa Doft spoke with W magazine about lip injections, preventative botox, and more, and she also gave some better skin-saving tips instead of shelling out your rent money for botox in your late 20s. Considering that most surgeons would normally push preventative botox to make more money, this advice is def legit.

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Use a vitamin C lotion

Melissa says using a “great vitamin C lotion” is a good alternative to the BS that is “preventative” botox. This Caudalie Vine[Activ] 3-in-1 Moisturizer with vitamin C could do the trick, or if you’re trying to save dat money than this Derma E night cream is only $20 and has equally good reviews.

Amp up the antioxidants

Melissa says to “do something with antioxidants” instead of getting botox. Do what, exactly? Well, you can use a serum with antioxidants, you can take some vitamin E or C, or you could look to your diet. Most of the 9 antioxidants known to help your skin can all be absorbed with a healthy diet and lots of green tea.

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Reconsider your retinol usage

Many sources advise that you use a retinol in your 20s to help your skin stay taut, but Melissa actually advises against it. She also adds that retinols can dry out your skin (trust me, I tried them), which might give you more skin problems in the present instead of curing future skin problems.


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Stop tanning — no, like really

This should go without saying – especially since a Jersey Shore lewk is no longer all the rage. But if you’re still using tanning beds, prepare to say goodbye to your cute, wrinkle-free skin sooner than later. Instead of planning to get Botox down the road, why not just kick your bad habits now? Besides, Botox can’t cure skin cancer! And faux-tanning products are lit af these days.

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