Do Nice Girls Finish Last Too?


We’ve all heard that “nice guys finish last.” While we swear that it’s not true and that us girls do like nice guys, you’re probably friend-zoning the “nice guy” and going after the asshole.

I’ve always been one to adamantly argue that I do not fall for the a**holes, and I really don’t (usually). But, I certainly have also dismissed a guy because he was just “too nice.” This probably makes me and the rest of us girls sound like idiots, right? But, I read an article the other day and realized why things work out this way:

Us girls are too used to guys pretending to be nice to us to get what they want. Just like how I hate when guys call me beautiful, I get sketched out when guys are too nice to me too soon.

After all, if a guy can become so obsessed with me after one date, what’s to say he can’t as quickly drop me? Or become obsessed with another girl just as fast?

The real question, though, is if nice girls finish last too. What do you think?

It’s not about if the nice girls can get laid or not, let’s be honest, all girls can get laid if they want to. It’s more about if they get dicked over. And, in my experienced, they do. Do bad girls get dicked over too? Of course, but it’s usually when they catch feelings and decide to be nice for once.

So, should us girls all start giving every person with a penis the cold shoulder? Certainly not, there are some great dudes out there. But, us girls need to start treating guys the same way we treat our friends.

Think about it this way: If your girlfriend goes out of her way to buy you champagne on your bad days, or cancels her plans for you when you need her, you would do the same for her. However, if she’s one of those friends that only hits you up when she needs something to do on a Friday night or when she needs the Chemistry notes, you treat her in the same fashion.

Why do we let boys slide? Let’s be real, the dick isn’t really that bomb (unless it is, then go along your merry way). In reality, we seem to let guys get away with more because we hope that eventually they’ll start treating us the way we treat them. However, if you’re a “nice girl” try being a smart girl and realizing that this probably isn’t going to happen. What is going to happen is that you’re going to put a lot of time and effort into trying to please a guy who is probably going to end up breaking your heart.

As much as I would love to say that you should believe that people are inherently good until proven otherwise, it’s hard to do that. If you can give someone a chance despite a bad reputation or bad first impression, then you should. However, you need to ground yourself and not give your heart to someone who hasn’t earned the privilege. Likewise, low expectations do seem to lead to less disappointment. Being a nice person will never be a bad thing, but bending over backwards for someone who doesn’t give two sh*ts about you might make you feel like a fool.

Nice girls may not always finish last…but smart girls always finish first!

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