Why I Never Do It With The Lights Off

It’s come to my attention that lots of chicks like to do it with the lights off, and when the main event is about to happen, a dude’s first instinct is to quickly scamper over to the light switch and shut it off.

When did that become a thing? And why?

Do we not want to see what’s happening? Are we ashamed of our own bodies? Worse- are we ashamed of our partner’s body?

Maybe we do it with the lights off because it’s what we’ve always done, and we never saw a reason to fight it. That is where, my friends, you are wrong…

Visual Stimulation is Hot

Sure, it feels nice (I hope), but can you imagine what it would be like if you could watch every inch (pardon my pun) of what exactly is happening? Yeah… it’s really hot. Already an avid with-light-on fan? Try doing it in front of a mirror now. Thank me later.

Fumbling Around Isn’t

My least favorite board game as a kid was easily Operation. First off, gross. Second off, who the hell wants to blindly fumble around some dudes body? Oh wait… apparently you do if you’re banging with the lights off. I don’t care how experienced you are, every body is different. Besides, I think that loser you’ve been hooking up with that can’t seem to find your special spot could use some lighting to help him out, don’t you?

Learn To Love Yourself- And Put On A Show

When the lights are off, nobody is really watching you (although they’re certainly feeling you). Although you might be a little shy about being ass-naked and possibly spread eagle with the lights on, the more you try it, the sexier you will feel. Soon, having the lights on will just encourage you to have more fun and really pay attention to how hot you feel when you arch your back and how good your thighs look when wrapped around your dude.

Remember Why You Took Him To Bed In The First Place

The only plausible reason I could ever think of leaving the lights off is because I don’t want to see a dude’s face… and if I’m ever taking a guy that ugly home with me, please send help. I’m not saying every dude that steps into your bedroom needs to look like Harry Styles, but if you don’t want to stare into your partner’s baby blue eyes or check our their bubble butt while getting it on, you might want to reconsider your life choices.

How To Do It: 

Like I mentioned previously, most guys reaction is to turn the lights off prior to the main event. So don’t let them. Next time a guy reaches for the light, tell him you want him to leave it on (maybe add in you want to see his body in the light for good measure). If a dude has a problem with that, he shouldn’t be in your bed in the first place.

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