Do Guys Really Like Pics?

We all know that men are dogs, and their texting habits are no exception. Receiving an unwanted peen pic is kind of like when your dog brings home a dead pigeon. You know that they’re proud, but you’re not quite as enthusiastic.

That being said, a peen pic can be nice occasionally. By occasionally, I mean if it’s a dude that you’re actually into, and that you ask for it. Otherwise, I think we can all agree that a guy’s smile, abs, and pecs are much sexier to us than a hard-on staring into the iPhone camera.

But…what about dudes? While I personally don’t find lady bits by themselves very attractive (and I have one, for God’s sake), dudes seem to be into receiving pics of lady parts.

So are they really into them? If so, why? Galore surveyed 93 dudes and this is what we found…

Non-surprisingly, when asked if they like spics, 50% of dudes said “yes, duh.” Close behind, 43% of dudes said they like the R-rated pics, but they’d still prefer an upstairs shot. Only 4 dudes said “not at all, that doesn’t turn me on.”

When asked why they like “those” pics (C’mon I know you were wondering) this is what they said:

“I like to see what I’ll be dealing with”

“The fact that she’s willing to show me is a big turn on”

“I like to see my dinner before I eat it

“A lot of girls are shy about it for some reason. Our culture hides them…so it makes it more exciting”

For those that weren’t so into seeing a bare hoo-ha by itself, their reasoning was that:

“By itself isn’t that hot”

“Better felt than seen”

And although guys seem to know that their parts aren’t always so sexy by itself, 78% of dudes surveyed have or would send a peen pic. So sorry ladies, you probably won’t stop receiving surprise D pics anytime soon. But, now you know why guys get a little extra excited about photos of your most intimate places.

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