POLL: Real Guys on Whether They Mean What They Say in Bed

We’ve all been there. You’re hooking up with a guy, and as he starts feeling around your nether regions, he blurts out, “You’re so wet.” This would normally be fine in the context of a hook-up — except that this time you’re not wet, like, at all.

You suddenly have thousands of questions running through your head about this seemingly innocent one night stand. Has this guy never touched a girl down there before? Do you have high standards for what passes as “so wet”? Or is he simply just murmuring the same five lines that he utilizes during every one of his hook-ups?

We constantly wonder how guys navigate their pillow talk. Do they really mean what they say? Or do they find the lines that work for them and stick to them, whether they mean them or not? So we surveyed 76 guys between the ages of 18-25 to see how sincere dudes can be about what they’re saying between the sheets.

First, we wanted to see how many dudes confidently speak during sex. We all know that dirty talk can usually improve a hook-up (unless the dude keeps saying weird ass shit), but some guys don’t know where to start, so they stay silent.

Lucky for us, the majority of guys did admit to speaking during hook-ups, although they feel more comfortable speaking when hooking up with a repeat offender. Some of the dudes who answered “no” admitted that if the girl starts talking then they’ll follow suit, even if they’re normally silent.

Next, we asked guys about their “go to” lines. Because even if a guy isn’t a bullshitter, we all have certain lines that we tend to say more than others in bed. Many guys reported saying some variation of “you like that?”, perhaps inspired by Washington Redskins’ quarterback Kirk Cousins. Other answers included:

‘Your pussy is so tight.’ Sometimes I mean it.

If I’m complimenting you or your body parts, I mean it. If I say ‘I love you,’ I mean it.

‘You like that?’ ‘Damn that’s hot.’ Nah, I don’t mean them, I really don’t care, I just want to bust a nut.

No “lines.” Just whatever feels right in the moment.

I am never sure going in. I like to mix it up a little.

We then asked as a general rule if guys meant what they said in bed, and asked why or why not. For many guys, how they felt about the girl determined if they would lie or not. One guy eloquently said, “If I’m in a relationship, I’ll say exactly what I mean. If it’s just for one night, I’ll leave her feeling like she’s the best I’ve ever had.”

It was nice to see that over 69% of guys did stay true to what they said in bed. The guys who weren’t always honest admitted that they usually lie to make the girl feel better about herself, and gave examples:

There was a time where she smelled a bit weird, but I didn’t want to bring it up…does this still count as lying?

I told a girl she gave me the best head of my life but it was only third best.

I told a girl that her vagina was tight, however it was actually very loose.

I’ve had to lie and tell girls that anti-depressants made it hard for me to cum but really they just weren’t doing it right.

If we’re in a position that she really enjoys and I don’t enjoy as much, I’ll sometimes pretend that I enjoy it just as much as her.

I’ve lied about my number of sexual partners or if I’ve tried something before.

When it comes to dudes who lie during sex, we can’t deny that we’ve done the same thing. Specifically with a one-night stand or casual hook-up, sometimes it’s easier to tell a white lie than to tell a dude that he’s going down on you like he’s eating a bowl of wings. Guys seem to be pretty doubtful of what girls say — although some cocky guys don’t think there’s any way a girl could be lying when she says he’s “so big.”

I mean I’ve had girls say I’m huge before, but I personally don’t think I’m that above average. It might just be personal preference or mind games.

My ego is too large to consider the fact that not every girl I fucked loved my dick.

I’ve got an alarmingly average sized penis so anytime a girl says ‘you’re so big’ its either A) she has never had sex with a dude before or B) She’s just lying. Basically, I find out really quickly she’s a liar and wonder what else she’s told me just to make me feel good about myself.

The “i.e.” is funny because I had a girl say this to me and it was clearly her way of trying to make me feel good about myself. However, since I know I’m not “so big” it always irritated me because it sounded fake as hell. I didn’t believe it. On the flip side, all my other experiences never led me to believe anything but the truth. “You feel so good” is much more believable and I still find it to be a compliment. Also, quick tip: if you want to boost a guy’s ego/confidence, instead of just saying, “oh my god you’re so big,” say something like, “I love your dick,” and say it genuinely. This is way more personal and it honestly will make us feel special.

In conclusion, let’s all take a moment to applaud this guy for knowing how it is:

If she says something like “you’re so big” I know she’s lying because I’m just above average. On the other hand, I know she’s being honest when she calls me an ‘asshole’ or ‘piece of shit.’

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