DJ Tiesto interview Art Basel Edition

We caught up with Tiesto before his big set at Liv Miami for the Guess party last night. He told us about his design collaboration with Guess, his new found love for fashion & his fav Guess girls!

Where did you find the inspiration for you artist collaboration with guess?

The line is based from my experiences in clubs. Seeing what people like to wear when they go out. I wanted to bring something special to the Guess men’s line, a lot of guys just like to wear basic stuff and they’re afraid to go out of the box. I wanted to make something cool and classy for every guy. I love Jackets, there’s some great leather jackets in the line.

Is this your first shot at designing clothing?

Yeah, first time, but hopefully not my last!

Can we expect more fashion from you in the future, any other design collaborations or even your own line?

Yeah I think so. I want to see what the people’s reaction is, but I would love to do it more often. Fashion is a lot of fun. I’d like to try something a little more extreme. I think designing for girls would be a lot of fun too.

Do you have crazy party stories from DJing throughout the years?

I could write a book about it! I’ve done everything from the super extravagant to the smallest most intimate parties. I once played a bar mitzvah for a 12 yr old kid. It was P Diddy, Rihanna, Pharell, and myself. We all performed for about 20 kids. I wonder what he’s getting for his 16th birthday…

Have you seen any good art shows since you’ve been in Miami for Art Basel?

I actually just got in today, but I’m planning to go check out some of the galleries and street art in the design district. i heard its amazing.

Do you have a favorite Guess girl?

I really like Kate Upton. I got to meet her a couple of times. She’s super spontaneous and a lot of fun. Everything comes very naturally to her.


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