The Most Interesting Man in the World

If MICK (government name: Mick Batyske) isn’t the most interesting man in the world, he is definitely a strong semi-finalist. The DJ/tech investor travels the world over spinning amazing mixes for people like Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Lebron James, among others (seriously, his client list is crazy) and then comes home to Brooklyn to invest in a host of apps like Localeur and Stublisher. This week he has combined his love of basketball, dope music, and well, love, into spinning at multiple events across NBA All Star x Valentines Day weekend in New York. He also partnered with Bud Light to create an incredible NYC-themed All-Star mix to accompany the brand’s launch of their new MIXXTAIL beverage this weekend. Suffice to say that if you’ve been having any fun at All Star Weekend the past few days, he was probably providing the soundtrack. Mick had a packed schedule of gigs at special events hosted by Adidas, Spike Lee, and Jordan Brand, among others, and he shows no signs of slowing down once this weekend is over. We caught him just before Valentines Day and he was kind enough to tell us about this latest mix for Bud Light, his favorite designers, and the best line he’s used to get a date.


We’re very excited about this scheduling mashup of All Star Weekend x NYFW X Valentines Day x NYC; its incredible. How are you mixing the romance into this weekend? Any plans? 

We have been celebrating off and on all week.  My wife is pretty easy going when it comes to these manufactured, commercial holidays. But we both love how fun my job is so we enjoy it and make the best out of it. Plus, she has gotten tons of free sneakers.

Tell me about the Bud Light mixtape you made for All-Star weekend: you emphasize capturing each clients’ spirit in the mixes you make, what about Bud Light x All Star Weekend made you think of Dipset and Nas, and other throwback NYC jams? What’s the first step in making a mix such as this one? 

Well, the mix is for Bud Light’s awesome new MIXXTAIL beverage.  So the name itself lent itself to doing a really cool mix. I wanted to keep it 100% NYC and Brooklyn. The NBA is celebrating NYC basketball past, present and future all week here. So I figured we should do the same, but musically. I look for vibe, first and foremost, every time. The mix is only as good as the vibe and songs. I’d rather hear a bad DJ play good songs than a good DJ play bad songs.

Will you be attending any of the all-star events this weekend? Which is your favorite to watch?

Absolutely. In addition to the tons of stuff I’m deejaying, we are going to the All Star Saturday Night as a Valentine’s Day date. It’s gonna be dope. My fave thing is the three point contest.

Will you also be attending any shows this week? Who are your 3 favorite fashion designers?

Definitely going to try. I really wanted to go to the Moncler show but had to back out because of All Star obligations. Three brands I love are: Prada, Norse Projects, and Public School.

You’re doing a Spike Lee event this weekend, the patron saint of the Knicks. (Not a question, just wanted to reference his awesomeness for a moment..) 

Spike is the MAN. Point blank. Period.

How are you going to keep up with your crazy hectic schedule this weekend? Yoga, rest, red bull? 

No rest. Definitely Red Bull and some energizing runs when I have some free time at home between gigs. The cold air is rejuvenating. Lying – the cold sucks. But it wakes you up!

Galore Rapid Fire:

What were the last 3 things you charged to your credit card?

Green juice from Brooklyn Crepe, Uber to the gig I’m DJ-ing while responding to this interview on iPhone, Valentine’s present for my wife.

The best line you’ve used to get a date.

I’m Moby.

The top 3 basketball players in the NBA right now.

Steph Curry, LeBron, James Harden.

Who’s your celebrity crush?

Rachel Ray. Don’t judge me. I like food.

You’re based in Brooklyn, what’s your favorite neighborhood? Why?

Park Slope and Fort Greene. Tie. Love living in Park Slope. Love eating in Fort Greene.

Where is the last place someone would find you?

Anywhere that requires me being patient. I’m working on it, though!

What’s on your bucket list?

To deejay on every continent.  I travel TONS – so that may actually happen.

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