This DJ Khaled Snapchat Quote Generator Is All the Motivation We Need for 2016

DJ Khaled seems to be everyone’s favorite Snapchat user right now thanks to his endless stream of inspirational quotes. Even the New York Times is obsessed.

And now, you can access all his best Snapchat one-liners without even opening the app.

A new website — — gathers the DJ’s best lines and hits you with them one by one, like a weirdly motivational vending machine. All you have to do is load the site, click a giant “ANOTHER ONE” button, and a new dose of wisdom appears on the screen, read aloud by Khaled’s own voice. Somehow, it’s almost better than watching his Snapchat.

The quotes that surface on include typical Khaled Snapchat themes like key emojis and shouts of “lioooon!” as well as motivational gardening tips:

And even legal advice:

Developer George Kedenburg III made the website because Khaled’s content “just resonated” with him, he told Galore. He put it up on December 16. Since then, almost 400,000 people have visited, he said. Not surprising, since Khaled has millions of people checking out his Snaps every day.

Kedenburg has been a Khaled fan for a while — “I mean, DJ Khaled is responsible for some timeless tracks,” he pointed out.  And you could argue that his Snaps are equally timeless.

“I honestly think that what you see in his stories is exactly what he’s like every day,” Kedenburg said. “I think he definitely speaks from an authentic place with his ‘keys to success,’ and as silly as they sound sometimes, they’re all still pretty motivational.”

So Kedenburg is doing his part to spread these “keys” to the masses.

“I thought it would be awesome to have these ‘keys’ in a place that is accessible on-demand,” Kedenburg said. “Whenever you need that little Khaled boost, you can get it.”

Truly inspiring. So next time that girl you went to high school with posts a #livelaughlove meme for the 900th time, skip the double-tap and head over to for some real motivation.

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