DJ Hesta Prynn’s Shares Her Halloween Playlist (And How To Shake That Hallow-Hangover)!

DJ, Musician, TV Host, Writer- Hesta Prynn is truly your modern day Renaissance woman! Check out Hesta’s fav Halloween jams and her party plans for this year below!


1. What’s your favorite Halloween memory?
Three years ago I had just met my husband (director Randy Scott Slavin).  We had only been dating for about a month and went to a party as Angela Chase and Jordan Catalano.  It was a super 90s emo romantic night that totally felt like high school.

2. Best costume you’ve ever had?
Last year some friends and I went as Warren Jeffs and his wives (see photo attached).  I was the “first wife”, we had french braids and truly amazing outfits, it was the best.

3. Any fun plans this year?
I’m DJing this amazing event at Highline Ballroom called “What’s So Bloody Funny?”  It’s a benefit for the hemophelia foundation that some of the Seth MacFarlane crew are putting on.  There are going to be performances by some A List comedians, not allowed to say who but it’s going to be awesome: 

4. Best recovery?
Watching horror movies on AMC/Netflix all day.  My faves are from the 70s – Rosemary’s Baby, The Exorcist (my fave movie ever), Alien, Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  The. Best.


5. What’re your Halloween traditions?
Going to the Halloween parade and mostly just spending the day/night in awe and respect and feeling like a guest of the NYC LGBT community.  This holiday really belongs to them.

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