DJ Duo Electric Punanny Talk “House Party” @ Webster Hall

Continuing our ongoing support of the weekly the Webster Hall even “House Party”, we chatted with Electric Punanny about the origins of Jasmine Solano’s and Melo-X’s DJ duo. Tonight at House Party DJ Gravy will be filling in for these fine works, but expect to see them every Thursday spinning some of the sexiest jams.


How did Electric Punanny come about?
We wanted to make a party where we merged reggae and electronic. We had our first party at 205, then moved to party to sway which blew up fast We made a foundation and we went on a world tour of Paris, London, Berlin, Tokyo and we’re currently on a US tour. glastobury this year

Where did the name come from?
It came from a divine spirit.

Had you and Melo-X collaborated previously?
2007 we had a weekly in New York, we DJ’d together with that. He’s a brother from a another mother.

How would describe your style?
Sweetly, global, mashup. Red, gold, green.

What are you hoping to bring to Webster Hall?
If you wanna get sexy you come and see us. We’re in the lounge, really beautiful and the perfect set up for a reggae spot.

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