DJ Amy Pham Shares Style Tips For Your Summer Party Plans

From Los Angeles to New York to London, Amy Pham has thrown the chicest, funnest parties with her DJ skills. Between performing with Snoop Dogg, Will I Am, Iggy Azalea, Riff Raff and Asher Roth (to name only a few), Amy plays at fashionista-filled parties for brands like Urban Outfitters, Seven Jeans and Nasty Gal. While DJ-ing may be her biggest passion, Amy is a model, Red Carpet host and has a show on The Platform called “The Fashion Statement”–produced and created by Disney’s Maker Studios. Basically, you’ll catch Amy Pham hosting new episodes of her show every Tuesday, DJ-ing the hottest parties and probably making an appearance in both TV and print fashion campaigns. We asked Amy all about her multifaceted career, but she’s a beautiful girl with a ton of talent, so we thought we’d get some serious style tips for the last of your summertime party plans. See what she had to recommend for our #GaloreGirls, below!

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If people could take one thing from your show “The Fashion Statement” on The Platform, what would it be?

That ultimately, there are no rules. When it comes to fashion, style, trends, or really anything in life–do whatever makes you the most happy.

You’re a DJ, Host, Model and Actress.. Which one is your favorite and why?

I always tell people this and it is very true–I’m an indecisive person, so I like all of them! I’m definitely more of a creative spirit, so anytime I’m exercising my creativity I’m happy as a clam. That being said, DJ-ing is probably my favorite by default since I’ve been doing that the longest (since I was 17). It’s the most fun in the moment, when you’re playing your set and people are dancing and having a great time, it’s such a fun atmosphere.

What’s your go to DJ set look?

I love a good cat eye–somehow I don’t feel complete without one. Usually, when I’m in doubt (or if I’m running late in classic Amy fashion), I’ll do a cat eye, red lip, high pony, and an all white outfit.

How do you pump everyone up and make the lamest party fun?

I find that whenever I throw some old school 90’s hits people can’t help but yell, “That’s my JAM!” and groove along. I slowly, but surely lure them all out to the dance floor!

What are 5 tips to achieving the perfect party style?

1. Comfort! Because you don’t want (or look like you have) a perpetual wedgie.

2. You can never go wrong with a monochromatic look. All white is my personal favorite!

3. Don’t be afraid to experiment! When the lighting is dim, amp up that smokey eye or red lip.

4. For hair, I like anything that lets you whip your hair around when you’re shaking that rump (ponytails, loose messy waves, etc.)

5. Most importantly, as cliche as this is, it’s all about confidence. Even if it’s liquid courage, having that unapologetic attitude is the sexiest thing a woman can wear in da clurb.


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