DIY: 4 Ready To Wear Costumes Straight From Your Closet!

I have only one rule for myself when I go shopping. If I am to buy something, the number of times that I wear it must at least match up to the price that I buy it for. This is a problem when it comes to Halloween costumes. Any ready made costume that you buy is the sort of get up that you only wear once in your life (unless you plan on wearing it the next year for Halloween but that is just boring). Because of this shopping rule, I have been in the habit of making my own Halloween costumes for the past 10 years, or at the very least buying clothing items for my costumes that can be worn outside of October 31st about this, I have compiled four basic Halloween costumes that you can make out of everyday clothing pieces, so if you don’t already own these clothing items, they are all worthy investments for your everyday outfits:

1. Catwoman: This is a simple, sexy, and very basic costume. Lucky for all sexy kittens out there, cat ears have become a popular everyday accessory being sold at Opening Ceremony, Marc Jacobs and Aldo. For this costume, I recommend a leather bralette, leather jacket and of course leather pants. Leather gloves are preferable and knee high, kitten heeled black boots are also a must. To pull together this costume, you will need a whip. All of these items can be used every day of the year. Yes, including the whip, but you already knew that. The bralette, pants and jacket can all be bought on in our shop! IMG_8745es 2. 1920’s Flapper: I love this one because it manages the sexy yet classy mixture that most costumes fall short of. For this one if you can find a black shift dress, or even a black lace cocktail dress ( or another color if you are not so monochromatic as I am) then you are more than halfway there. A pair of jeweled silver heels and fishnet gloves are the perfect accessories and even a cheap sequined headband can work to pull the outfit together. I recommend a cigarette holder if you can find one. Either of those two dresses can be found at any Urban Outfitters in the city and can easily be recycled into classy clubwear thereafter. 30111561_009_b 3. Faerie Princess: If you can find a whimsical, colorful dress (I recommend Urban or LF Stores for this), then all you really need are a pair of wings to finish off the look. True, wings aren’t everyday clothing, but what little girl (or big girl) wouldn’t take the opportunity to be faerie? original 4. Victoria’s Secret Angel: Arguably the simplest costume in the list, for this costume you put on a bra, panties, a pair of angel wings and sexy heels and you are ready for the night. We have some pretty fabulous lingerie looks online for this one! IMG_8768es

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