Is Divorce A Dish Best Served Over Facebook?

Just when you thought Facebook was over, the world’s second most popular website learned a new trick: divorce.

According to the New York Daily News, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Matthew Cooper recently decided to let Ellanora Baidoo, a Brooklyn nurse, “to serve her elusive husband with divorce papers via a Facebook message.”

Although Ellanora and her husband, Blood-Dzraku had themselves a civil ceremony in 2009, Ellanora claims that not only was their marriage never consummated, but that she and Blood-Dzraku never even lived together. Facebook was one of the only ways the two have stayed in touch over the years, so seeing as his last known address is from 2011, maybe being allowed to serve her husband his divorce papers on Facebook isn’t the most ridiculous thing in the world.

According to Ellanora’s lawyer, this ruling is a new law waiting to happen.  According to us?  Eh.  So far it’s been a week and Blood-Dzraku still hasn’t responded to Ellanora’s Facebook message.  Just because you can serve your ex his papers via Facebook doesn’t mean he has to respond.  After all, isn’t ignoring your ex’s messages what Facebook is for?

Although maybe the ultimate moral to take away from this story is never marry a guy whose name includes the word blood.  Bae shoulda known her boo was gonna be nothing but trouble.

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