Ditch The Bum And Upgrade Your Man


They say that money talks and you can win anyone over if you flip a few green bills their way. Because most of us are motivated by sex and money.

But this is especially true in today’s world. Even our girl Lana told us that, “Money is the anthem of success. So before we go out, what’s your address?”

“Oh, it’s Flatbush? Sorry, I suddenly feel very ill.”

Many of us will say that we don’t judge a book by it’s cover. But that’s bullshit. I mean my best friend will only buys books if she likes the cover art. Her collection is very impressive actually. But we judge and more so in men. Usually the first things we discuss with our friends after a date is what type of job does he have, is his apartment nice, did he drive you around or did you cab it?

Crucial questions in the early stages of a relationship.

And living in the city drives us to judge dudes even more. Especially the city where coffee is close to $5, rent eats up our paychecks and everyone is frantically trying to crawl up the work ladder. We don’t have time for bums. I mean the f*cking train prices just went up for crying out loud.

Which is why it baffles me at time that some of my girlfriends waste their time with men who are uninspired and simply striding through the streets and blowing in the wind like that stupid plastic bag from American Beauty.

We find confidence sexy as hell, but a man who’s in charge of his life and driven to success is what will  really win us over. Us boss b*tches need a man who is equally as ambitious and motivated as we are. And I understand that some men are still trying to figure out what they want in life and maybe I’m a little ruthless, but I don’t have time to be someone’s therapist. Life is happening and I want a piece of it.

Even if that means ditching him until I find my alpha man.

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