Disney’s Beauty & The Beast Cast is HOT AS F***

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past month (and don’t stalk Emma Watson obsessively like we do), you may have not heard that she will be playing Belle in Disney’s newest version of Beauty and the Beast. As a brunette who always dressed up as Belle during my childhood, you better believe I was pretty excited with their choice in casting. I became even happier today, however, when I saw who will play the two men fighting over our princess….

Cocky, macho-man Gaston will be played by Luke Evans and the headstrong, but loving beast will be played by Dan Stevens. Although we might not be rooting for Gaston in the end, we’ll be happy to watch Luke get feisty and do a little brawling… Not to mention that we’re eager to see Dan Stevens in some wild stage makeup.

While we are pretty curious as to how Disney is going to cast some of the less people-like characters (think Lumiere and Mrs. Potts), we’re intrigued to find out!




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