Smell Like The Baddest Bitches of Disney

If you’re not a sucker for all things Disney, you probably know somebody that is. Although I am a self-proclaimed Disney lover, I’ve always been more drawn to the villains. On my first trip to Disney World, I was absolutely over-joyed when I was able to take a picture with the evil queen from Snow White. While my sister ran to Ariel, I was searching for Ursula.

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Not sure what that says about me as a person, but regardless, when I saw these amazing perfume bottles designed by Ruby Spark to resemble Disney villains, I was hyped. While some are more easily identified than others, they’re all equally awesome.

Galore_Mag_Disney_Perfume01 Galore_Mag_Disney_Perfume

While I unfortunately can’t find these perfume bottles on sale anywhere (sigh), I can only hope that there is some sort of crowd-funding for these to be sold in the U.S. Until then, guess you can get hyped for the release of Cinderella coming up, and Emma Watson in Beauty and The Beast.

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