Either You’re Disinterested Or He Is

Life is pretty pointless when you think about it. What’s the point? For me it’s all about what feels good. And even things that feel good seem to last temporarily. Like eating, sex, that high you get while shopping… It’s all about the next big thing. Who wants the same thing forever? The only things I don’t get tired of is: money, family and myself. Everything else can come and go, especially when it comes to boys.

Now I am young and still learning but I can’t keep a guy for more than six months. Either I become disinterested or he does too. Then the next best thing comes along and it’s a never-ending cycle. Don’t get me wrong I love life and the emotions that come along with it. But what is the point of something like marriage when as beings on this Earth we always want the next best thing. I mean especially men… They’re often enticed by someone prettier, more successful, “better”…women too. Is that why so many marriages fail? Someone within is bored and looking for the next chapter with someone else?

I’ve heard many women (and men) whisper “never get married”. They end up staying together because of children, god, finances or the fear of being alone. Smiling to their spouse but feeling unsatisfied inside. Now this isn’t everyone. I am pretty sure there are two people out there on the same wavelength who are crazy about each other. I can only hope for someone like that. But for now, I don’t see the point.

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