Dirty Loops Discuss “Loopified” Covers And Shared Love For “Thriller”

Sweden’s jazz-pop trio, Dirty Loops, have taken the world by storm with their inventive covers of hit songs from Lady Gaga to Rihanna. Now the boys are touring with their debut album, which features more “loopified” covers and original songs. We discussed their love for Michael Jackson’s Thriller album, first impressions and their debut album Loopified.

by: Shannon Kurlander

(From left to right)
Aron Mellergardh (Drums) Jonah Nilsson (Keys/Vocals) Henrik Linder (Bass)

With all of your touring, what things do you miss from home (Stockholm)?
Aron Mellergardh: Family, friends because these are not my real friends.
Jonah Nilsson: I miss the city. It’s a nice city with all the water surrounding-
Aron Mellergardh: -during the summertime.
Henrik Linder: You don’t miss it that much during the wintertime because the sun is only up seven or eight hours. The sun sets at 2:30 p.m. or something like that. So the entire country is like totally depressed.

Tell me about your debut album, Loopified.
Henrik: It’s kind of like a mash-up of everything we have ever listened to. We tried to put a little bit of everything we liked in there.
Jonah: It’s a pop album with a lot of other influences as well.
Aron: It’s a lot of music.
Jonah: A lot of music.

Who are some artists from the past that have influenced you all?
Jonah: We are huge Michael Jackson fans.

Favorite Michael Jackson songs?
Henrik: I like “Jam” a lot.
Jonah: Yeah “Jam” is great.
Aron: The whole Thriller album. “Dangerous”


Since you have been friends since you were kids, can you reveal any interesting quirks about your fellow bandmates?
Jonah: Too much interesting stuff that we should not say.
Henrik: Aron, you are the kind of guy who would say anything to anyone. I think one of your characteristics is that you never change no matter who you are talking to.
Aron: Is that good?
Jonah: Beautiful, actually. I love you.
Jonah: I think with Henrik, I think we like to compete.
Henrik: Competing is a fun thing to do on the road. Jonah is the hungriest guy I have ever met. He eats food every three hours.

Jonah, what kind of food have you been eating a lot while touring?
Jonah: Kobe Beef. We had it in Japan. It’s explosion in your mouth. I try to do it sneaky. I’ll ask if anyone else is hungry. “Henrik, you’re hungry, right?”

Did you have any major culture shock in Japan?
Henrik: The service is off the charts. It was barely raining and we needed to go about 50 meters and there were about five people with umbrellas to get you there.
Jonah: When they serve you at restaurants they bow a lot. Then if you do it back they have to do it again.

You do so many interesting covers. What about covers do you find appealing?

Henrik: I think we want to create a vision and to kind of have a song that is produced in a different way.
Jonah: It’s always been different. Every single cover we have done is a challenge. We always wanted to do something unique. One of the more interesting ones we did was “Wake Me Up”. When we came up with this way of making an acoustic mix with electronic stuff in there-
Aron: – a country ballad.
Jonah: We pulled it off and I’m really happy about that.


“Loopified” seems to have a lot of love songs. Are you romantics?
Jonah: I think we all are. The lyrics are trying to say more what the songs are saying.

What’s next for Dirty Loops?
Henrik: We are doing a North American tour that will be 20 or 21 dates. Then we are going to Japan and Europe, as well. We are going to be on the road a lot and it’s going to be fun.

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