Dirty Lemon Wants You To Drink Your Way To a Healthier Lifestyle

Dirty Lemon knows that water is every celeb’s favorite weight-loss tip, so they decided to take it one step further. In fact, they’re kinda-sorta allowing you to drink your vitamins.

Their trendy bottles and names like “detox” and “sleep,” may have you thinking of a detox tea or a fad diet, but the point of Dirty Lemon isn’t to do a 30 day cleanse, it’s to totally change your lifestyle by making healthy habits a part of your daily routine.

Dirty Lemon offers three different types of drinks, each to fill a different type of need. Whether you’re hoping for better skin, or simply a good night’s sleep.

Their detox drink is all about keeping your stomach, liver, and kidney feeling good. It’s not a “detox” type drink that includes laxatives. Instead, it contains activated charcoal, which combats bloating, upset stomach, and that “gross” feeling you sometimes get after housing four slices of pizza. The point isn’t to feel bad about eating the pizza, the point is to eat the damn pizza and make sure your body doesn’t feel shitty afterwards.

Their skin + hair formula includes collagen and other ingredients that are said to promote healthy skin, combat aging, and increase immunity.

Lastly, their sleep formula’s main ingredient is magnesium, which promotes drowsiness and a more restful night’s sleep–without the morning grogginess you get with Nyquil.

But while Dirty Lemon might be going back to basics with their natural ingredients, their ordering method is anything but. If you’re running low on your Sleep drinks and need a refill ASAP, all you have to do is send a text.

Yes, it’s that easy. After all, Dirty Lemon knows you’re busy.

Visit dirtylemon.com to learn more about the brand, and don’t forget to follow Dirty Lemon on Instagram.

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