Brooklyn Band Will Reenact Your Dreams, And All It’ll Cost You Is $10,000

Brooklyn band DIIV, whose lead singer Zachary Cole Smith made headlines last summer when he got arrested with his girlfriend Sky Ferreira for driving a stolen car with a sh-t ton of drugs, wants to make your dreams come true. Literally.

The only catch? You gotta have an extra 10Gs burning a hole in your pocket.

But before you start thinking, “the nerve of those dirty f-cking hipsters,” it’s all for a good cause: the theatre. Specifically Houseworld, an “immserive theatre performance” which takes guests through a historic Brooklyn mansion one by one, allowing them to “step into a lucid dream” and meet kooky characters like “The Bathtub Guru” and “The Spirit Of The Attic.” Only in Brooklyn.

Unsurprisingly, nobody has chosen to redeem that hefty reward yet, which means that for now DIIV is safe to get back to their favorite activity: putting off putting out a second album. Blunts for everybody.


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