Digital Babes Rejoice, Holographic Nail Art Is Real

Just like everything else that was cool when you were fourteen, nail art is cool again. And because this is the year 2015, people are discovering new ways to make nail art as technologically advanced as anything else in your life. While having a hologram of your favorite dead musician come to life onstage is creepy, having holographs come out of your nails is pretty f-cking awesome.


What looks like a simple pair of leopard print press-ons is actually wearable technology, or as Thea Baumann, creator of Metaverse Nails likes to call them, glam tech.  The press-on nails are embed with virtual reality technology, and when you scan your nails through an app on your iOS or Android phones, the fashion patterns on your nails trigger the 3D holograms to bring your nail art to life.  Basically, you become your own GIF.  It’s pretty awesome.


Drawing inspiration from Asian culture and the way young women use their cell phones to express themselves, Thea Baumann’s holographic nail art is heavily influenced by anime, street culture, and ’80s cyberpunk films.  While none of these things could be your thing, now that the technology has been created, it’s only a matter of time before dancing pot leaves and tacos find their ways into a hologram near you.

Even better, Metaverse Nails is a fully women-led company.  While most of the tech industry continues to be run by the kind of guy you completely ignored in high school, in the glam tech world the answer to ‘who run the world’ is finally girls.

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