Did You Know You Can Be Attractive and Eat Pizza?

There has been much press over the controversial @YouDidNotEatThat Instagram, an account run by an anonymous entity who seems to be of the opinion that one cannot be beautiful and well dressed while still eating the occasional donut. Though the voice behind the account claims that not to be attempting to be hurtful or judgemental, making any sort of negative comment or uninformed claim concerning what another woman puts in her body will always be considered rude and frankly catty.

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While @YouDidNotEatThat remains skeptical, we like to believe that you can be beautifully as well as well-fed…

The account is obviously a culprit of the thin shaming culture but it is also one that creates guilt when it comes to eating the fatty foods that the owner seems so sure that these gorgeous women are not consuming. Are you really saying I can’t eat gelato and still look as hot as the New York City temperature?

…and apparently so does @HotGirlsEatingPizza !

Enter @HotGirlsEatingPizza. Roughly the polar opposite of @YouDidNotEatThat, HotGirls features pictures of beautiful and sexy women chowing down on greasy cheese slices, and makes no comment on the bodies of the girls featured on the account- except of course to say that they are beautiful.


Looking for some new food porn and otherwise accounts to follow? Take a look at this one- and boycott the new trend of body shame on Instagram.

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