DickPicr, The Dating App Based On Penis Pics

Upon my move to New York City, I didn’t have many friends. I figured what better way to socialize than to download some dating apps and meet some dudes. Best case scenario: I meet Prince Charming. Worst case scenario: I get a bunch of free meals. Besides, the amount of attractive, successful, smart guys in NYC were enough to entertain any lonely chica.

I quickly matched with an extremely attractive guy, let’s call him Earl. From his Instagram, I could tell that he was extremely ripped, loved to get tables at NYC’s hottest clubs, and worked at a big Fortune 500 firm– sweet! After exchanging messages back and forth, he asked me when I was free for dinner. I replied, “whenever works with your schedule, just let me know.” His response? “You tell me,” accompanied by an extremely close-up dick pic.

Needless to say, that was the end of my conversation with Earl (and it’s not just because his dick pic wasn’t up to my standards). When girls are on dating apps, they’re looking for actual dates (or at least a free meal), not a close up IPhone pic of a penis.

However, Spoiled has created a parody ad for DickPicr, the app that works like Tinder, except with dick pics rather than selfies. The ad proudly exclaims, “with most dating apps, you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into, with DickPicr, at least you know what’s getting into you.”

For the ladies, there’s Twatshotr, because guys do like the occasional pussy pic.

While we’re thankful that this isn’t a real app considering we already get enough dick pics via Tinder and Snapchat, we did find this ad pretty hilarious, and we think you will too.

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