Diane Von Furstenberg’s NYFW Show Had All Your Favorite Supermodels

While the well-dressed women and dapper dans were flocking to Diane Von Furstenberg’s NYFW show this Sunday afternoon, I was standing in line at Trader Joes, willing myself not to faint. In all my excitement for the day I had somehow forgotten to eat…or drink water. Walking up to the checkout line, a wave of heat enveloped my body and I found myself ditching my cart and walking outside to hail the nearest cab.

Fifteen minutes later, I was home in Brooklyn, guzzling down water, shoving pretzel sticks down my throat at a speed perviously unheard of outside an eating competition, and scrolling through my Twitter feed. It was shortly after four, and much to my surprise, the DVF fashion show was streaming live on Periscope. While my previous experience with Periscope had been an unfufilling attempt to read the dictionary out loud, word by word with my boyfriend, I was ready to give the app a second chance. After almost fainting at the grocery store, a little glamour seemed like exactly what the doctor would order if I ever went to the doctor that is.

Immediately I was welcomed by a sea of hearts rising upwards on the right hand side of the page, while a voice just out of sight kept intoning, “HI LADIES, WE’RE FRONT ROW AT DVF AND READY TO GET THE SHOW STARTED.” The “ladies” in question were me and the 700 other presumably female viewers who had decided they had nothing better to do at 4PM on a Sunday afternoon than get a blurry, albeit front row seat at Fashion Week. While there were plenty of reasons to tune in, most of my digital companions were there for Gigi and Bella Hadid. As the hearts kept bubbling up from an unknown origin, the comments also kept flooding in – almost all a variation on “I’m so excited” or “Can’t wait to see BELLA AND G.”

As the show began, miraculously the comments stopped. While we were all gracious for the front row seat, it took every ounce of concentration to make out who was on the runway. After all, isn’t that what everybody really cares about?

Karlie Kloss opened the show, making her way down the runway in the kind of wrap top that Diane Von Furstenberg made famous. While her soft beachy waves and turquoise eye shadow looked phenomenal, the outfit itself was a hot pink mess of contrasting patterns that your hippie dippie high school english teacher would probably spend an entire year saying her pitiful salary to buy. The fact that she was walking in step to Nicki Minaj’s “Trini Dem Girls” only added insult to injury. For a clothing line that features soft, romantic, classic feminine styles, a song that boasts that “He in love with a ghetto girl”, seems a tad out of place.

Three models later, it was Kendall Jenner’s turn. The reality star looked stunning in a sheer, white romper accented with gold butterflies.

As the music switched to Drake’s “Hotline Bling,” another popular but innapropriate song choice for the collection, and then mysteriously changed back to “Trini Dem Girls”, Jourdan Dunn and Lilly Alrdidge walked out in the kinds of go-to dresses that every woman dreams of having in the back of her closet. While Dunn was sheathed in a cleavage-bearing white halter dress with leopard-print accents Alrdrige wore a light, flowly bulue-pattened dress that had me mourning the fact that summer is over.

Somewhere in the middle of all of this, Bella Hadid walked down the runway in a patterend jumpsuit. I’d be lying if I said I noticed her at the time, but thanks to The Weeknd, who was being a good bf and sitting front row at Bella’s big show, I know that it happened.

Closing out the show, was Gigi Hadid, looking very much like the supermodel of the moment, working her skirt of her dress and pouting with her big, done-up blue eyes. As the hearts and heart-themed emojis again began flooding my vision and The Weeknd’s “Can’t Feel My Face” started playing over the monitors, I knew that not only was the show over, but that it was a success, at least in the eyes of the Periscope public. With one last lone “ABELL” I exited out of the steam, feeling older, wiser and still competely dehydrated.

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