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Until he was 16 years old, Dexter Wynn thought he was going to be in the NBA. And at 6’5,” it wasn’t an unreasonable idea. But as he moved through high school, he realized that his love of the guitar and his Johnny Cash and Neil Young impersonations (he does a mean Ring of Fire) were a little closer to his heart than the hardwood. And once he started dj-ing and creating dance music he was hooked. Now 20 years old, Dexter has recently relocated to Los Angeles to further his goal of being one of the best DJ’s in the game and sharing his sound with the world. His natural charm and extremely positive energy are going to be useful on his journey but the immense talent probably helps as well. Our conversation with Dexter spanned from Connecticut to Norway to Hollywood but it left us with no doubt: this nice guy is coming out on top.


So who are some of your heroes? Who inspires your musically?

Avicii is my #1 idol. The first time I saw [Avicii] was at Electric Zoo in 2013, I cried the entire time he played from 9-11pm. My friends were pounding me on the back, they thought somebody had died. But the feeling that I had when I heard Avicii took over my entire body. I love his music so much, the way it makes me feel; there is no drug that could compare that feeling.

I also give a lot of credit to Justin Bieber, even though he does something extremely different. He’s spreading a very good message. The message that he’s spreading is that if you do what you love, and spend enough time doing it, and you keep doing it, you’re going to eventually get there.

When did you move to LA?

I moved to LA two months ago. For me, for my town in Greenwich CT, the kids in my town, the people who don’t go from high school to college are very out there. All my friends from home are congratulating me all the time and saying ‘oh wow that’s so cool what you’re doing’ but at the same time they’re like ‘holy crap, what the hell is he doing?? He’s not in college right now?’ My first year out of high school I spent three months with family in Norway just getting exposed to the culture out there and that really helped me further shape my music.

Two weeks before I moved here I got a pair of V-Moda headphones for Christmas and then I came out here and had the opportunity to work for V-Moda, which is just incredible. They only work with the best, they endorse Avicii, they endorse probably 80% of DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs. So to get that opportunity is very surreal. And the relationship I have with my boss is very good in that they allow me time to work on my music and are extremely supportive and good to me in that way.


What’s interesting is that you’re 20 and the culture you’re involved in, the club/dance scene, has a reputation for a lot of drugs and alcohol.

I don’t drink because there is absolutely no time for having a disrupted mind and to go out and drink and come home late and not be in a position to work for a while when I come home is not something I can afford to do or want to do. This music industry is built on relationships and it’s so crucial to remember everyone’s name, everyone’s email, and everyone’s face.

That’s a really disciplined mentality.

Yeah but I know for me, this is exactly what I want to do. I wouldn’t have done the things that I’ve done, moving and working so much and everything, if I didn’t know that this is what I want to be doing for the rest of my life

And it’s starting to pay off.

It’s starting but I have to give my manager so much credit because whenever we set a plan he makes the plan a reality and its awesome. I met him when I was 16, when I started producing dance music he contacted me through Facebook and asked me to play at festival he was coordinating and afterwards we were talking back and forth for a probably year. The following year he asked me back to the same festival and my sound had gotten stronger and he noticed.


What’s on the DJ bucket list for you?

My biggest dream right now would be to play Tomorrowland in Boom, Belgium. It’s the biggest electronic music dance festival in the world; it’s like two times the size of Ultra in Miami. And for me I don’t want to allow myself to go there, like to buy a ticket and just go, until I’m spinning my music there. That will make me work a lot harder to get invited.

What are the plans for the rest of 2015?

Right now deciding what label to go with. I have a bunch of original tracks that are ready for release so those will be out in a few months. And I have a few remixes with some bigger DJ’s so those will be great. But my big picture long term is getting that feeling I got when I heard Avicii at Electric Zoo out to the entire world, not that I want everyone to cry, but I want everybody to be happy.



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