Devin Brugman Of A Bikini A Day On How To Be A Trendsetter, Not A Trend Follower

Three years ago, Devin Brugman and her BFF Natasha Oakley were sitting on the couch, chattering away about their love for bikinis. Soon, they realized that they needed to share their bikini obsession with the world, and their blog, A Bikini A Day was born. Today, A Bikini A Day has become one of the biggest swimwear blogs on the web, where people can go for style tips, lifestyle advice, cool decorating ideas, and fitness help. “My favorite part about the business is being able to work with my best friend and help inspire and teach girls of all ages to embrace themselves and to be positive and confident,” said Devin.

A Bikini A Day brings the best of style to the masses, so we had to ask Devin her top secret style tips. If there’s one person who knows the ins and outs of Winter dressing, it’s her. She let us in on the most unforgivable style mistakes that one must avoid to be a trend setter, not a trend follower. Scroll for a lesson in being a fashionista!

Go-to Winter break wardrobe: I literally wear these items religiously because they’re simple staples that can be worn with pretty much any outfit:

Long Camel Coat

Black leather pants

Black bomber jacket

Black leather boots

Black leather jacket

New trends you’re loving: Red, 70’s inspired looks and sheer everything.

How to be a trendsetter: Dressing in what makes you feel the best makes you feel happy and confident! When you’re happy and confident it shines and shows. People are naturally attracted to that. So basically, be yourself and dress for you.   

Favorite thing about fashion: It is a way of expressing yourself. What you wear and how you carry yourself is how you are representing YOU. That is really important. We live in a society that is quick to make judgments on physical characteristics alone. That first impression can say a lot, and with personal style and fashion you can give people a taste of who you are before even talking to them. Fashion is powerful.

Worst style mistake: Overdoing prints and accessories. Remember that less is more. I like keep my style really simple with minimal loud prints and chunky jewelry. I think it’s chic and classic to keep it simple.

Top style icons: Kate Moss, Erin Wasson, Rihanna, Winona Ryder and Angelina Jolie.

2016 goals: I’m looking forward to exploring more of the world. Hoping to see Greece in 2016 and the Maldives! There are also some big and amazing collaborations coming up in 2016 that I am really excited about, but can’t say what they are just yet! I’m also looking forward to sharing what Natasha and I have been working on for Monday Swimwear’s new collection that we know people will die for. I have a feeling 2016 will be one of our best years yet! 

PHOTGRAPHER: Isabella Lombardini
MAKE UP ARTIST: Miriam Nichterlein using Chanel Les Beiges


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