Detroit’s Maeyani Tells Us About Opening Made In America Last Weekend

“Born in Detroit, raised by the world” reads the Instagram bio of Mayaeni, the singer-songwriter signed to Roc Nation. “My father is a musician, so there was always music around in the house,” she told me. “And my mother is from Sierra Leone, and a big part of that community in Detroit.  So I sort of grew up with village-like lifestyle with lots of family around all of the time.”    

 It’s fitting that Mayeani, a Detroit girl with a strong sense of heritage would play the opening act for last weekend’s Made in America festival last weekend. It’s rare to see a girl that rocks—she covered A$AP Rocky’s “L$D” for a screaming crowd—and Mayeani is garnering attention for blending her unique rock sound with Detroit soul. Check out the cover she performed below, and find out a little more about how Jay found her, her influences, and what we can expect from her upcoming debut album. 

What inspires your music?

Life inspires my music. My songs are like a diary of my life experiences. 

Did your father inspire you to become a musician?

For sure!  was always fascinated with my dad’s guitar playing skills, and I’m also a better musician because I have him to learn from.   

How did you link up with Jay Z and RocNation?

Jay Z and the team heard my voice on a song I co-wrote called “Nothing Inside”, that was released by DJ Sander Van Doorn.  I guess my voice made them feel something, because on the strength of that alone, the next thing I knew I was flying out to LA for meetings,  where I was signed. Then I started working on my album.

How was your experience at Made in America?

It was amazing!  It was the first big festival I’ve played, and it was cool to be the first act to start it off.  The energy there was all love, and I felt super connected with everyone. We were all definitely there to enjoy music and have a good time.      

What is your beauty regimen?

I’m an organic, earthy type person. So my regimen is pretty simple. I use Dr. Bronner’s for soap, lemon juice for an astringent, and cocoa and shea butter for moisturizer. My favorite mascara is COVERGIRL since they have the best applicators.  

What can we expect from your upcoming record?

You can expect for it to feel timeless!

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