Designers Refused to Dress Mary-Kate and Ashley When They Were Tweens

It turns out when Mary-Kate and Ashley were tweens they had something in common with Melania Trump, otherwise known as their biggest fan.

All the top designers refused to give them clothes.

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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s ex-stylist Judy Swartz told Refinery29 that “a lot of the designers I would reach out to really weren’t interested in giving clothes to the girls.”

She elaborated:

“I would try; I’d call up a [fashion] company and try to get accessories; I’d go, ‘Mary-Kate and Ashley are doing…’ But, hey, they were young. It’s ironic to me that those are the [industry names] they’re hanging out with now. People were coming around and lending them clothes when I stopped working with them, when they were 16 or 17 years old. But when they were tweens, no [designers] were interested [in lending]; I don’t blame them. But I went and bought [those designers’ clothes] anyway.”

Mind-blowing right?

In 2017, it’s unfathomable that designers would EVER refuse to dress some of the hottest stars of the day just because they happened to be tweens.

Just look at Millie Bobby Brown.

She’s 13, has only been on one successful TV show, and the fashion industry is already embracing her so hard she’s one of the frickin faces of Calvin Klein.

Now just imagine how much the fashion world would be foaming at the mouth to get their designs on tweens of MK&A’s caliber.

Guess the world just wasn’t ready for Mary-Kate and Ashley.

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[H/T Refinery 29]

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