Bad Ass Designer Imogen Anthony Spills On Her New Collection


All around bad-ass Imogen Anthony is poised to become a house-hold name. Her first clothing collection, full of cutting-edge, sexy designs, will be released this year, and judging by her provocative personality and gothic hippie vibes, it will take the fashion world by storm. In our interview, the model-turned-designer shares her signature zeal as she speaks on rebelling and telling the world to “go f*ck yourself”. She even gives a sneak peak of her new collection! Get excited.


Photograph By Elvis Di Fazio

What kind of person do you keep in mind when designing?

I think of a strong woman. A rebellious woman. A woman who knows who she is, a woman who isn’t afraid to then share that will the world. If the world doesn’t like it, she’ll tell it to go f*ck itself.

What’s the sexiest piece you’ve designed?

I’ve designed a layer-able piece which I’ve naffly called “The Warrior Dress”. It’s a strapless dress which comes down to a point at the front and the back, leaving both legs completely bare. I’ve aesthetically designed & cut it to a specific measurement so it sits exactly where a woman would want it. It comes in three different fabrics & two colours, black & bottle green.

Did you always know you wanted to be a designer? How did that position come about?

Yes and no.. I grew up with an insane body type – straight up and down with legs eleven. I was always cutting or restitching things to make them look better on myself personally, and then I would have to explain to my mother why I cut up her vintage 80’s & 90’s stuff.

In hindsight, that was horrible and what the f*** was I thinking, but then again it’s made me who I am today…

Who are your style icons and what has influenced your aesthetic the most?

Idolize people who know who they are. I love when people have their own sense of style. Style is not just about what you wear, it’s also an attitude. Sure, I could say the obvious current choices like Rihanna, Madonna, FKA Twigs etc, but it’s the way they carry themselves I find more appealing.

To the average eye, that pink doily dress Rihanna wore to the Grammy’s was exactly how I just described it: a pink doily dress, but when Rihanna walked up like a rockstar, she f*cking owned that doily dress. Music is a massive influence on me.

I grew up in a real old school, rockabilly style environment which I’m thankful for. As a teen I listened to all kinds of rock ‘n’ roll, punk & metal music. With that also came the culture and I was THAT kid with ear spacers and home job tattoos. I later transitioned into some other kind of girl.

I became a ‘model’ (not that it means shit these days with social media). The spacers went, but the holes and the home tattoos remained. So did my love for dark clothing and that will never change. A lot feel the same about wearing black, so I’ve just played on that.

I’ve also played on the fact that people trust me, especially the Australian girls that don’t care for jelly shoes or flower crowns. I don’t want to let them down.

How has Australia influenced your creativity?

Hmmm I’m a rebel… Australian fashion has taught me that I refuse to conform and there’s only so much you can do with a white sheet with stripes on it. Next question…

What up and coming trends should we hop on?

The trend of not giving a shit, being whoever you feel like being. Wear whatever you want to wear. Show more skin. I love that designers are innovating new ways to show more skin…

What’s something that girls wear that guys hate?

Guys hate fake eyelashes, hair buns, and overalls. Nothing sexy about overalls. Realistically though, who cares? Men are still getting around in designer thongs or “flip flops” in American lingo. Like, who the f*** wears designer flip flops. Kill them.

Photograph Courtesy Of Maxim

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