Designer Amber Kekich of Again Talks Fashion & 3 Vintage Looks You Need This Coachella

Darling designer Amber Kekich caught up with us pre-Coachella to not only share with us her amazing new collection, but also gives us perfect advice on how we should be dressing this Coachella. So take note ladies and make sure you check out her awesome collection here!


Tell us about the girl who wears AGAIN
Our girl can be interpreted in so many ways. She dresses how she feels, and feels the way she does because of what she is wearing. She’s confident and not afraid to take over a room. Our girl embraces being a woman and everything that comes with it.

Where does the name AGAIN come from?
AGAIN is a simple word with a lot of depth. We want our clothes to be passed down generation to generation, worn again and AGAIN.

Who are some bombshells you draw inspiration from when designing?
There are so many, to name a few: Michelle Pfeiffer, Bianca Jagger, Feja Beha, Alice Dellal, Anna Dello Russo, and Betty Draper.


What are some of the most important qualities you make sure each of your collections embody?
We change it up season to season, but through every collection, we try to use fabrics that aren’t seen everyday. We always like to keep it sexy and give women styles that will boost confidence.

What kind of swimsuit will you be rocking this summer? And at which pools/beaches?
I love to mix it up, give me a good Brazilian bottom, however I feel the best in a good high waisted bottom with a bandeau. I live in Venice, so if I told you where the locals go to the beach I’d be killed! But what I can tell you, is that us AGAIN girls are going to be blessed with everything from downtown rooftop pools to the beaches in Mexico this summer!


What’s the one trend right now that you absolutely hate?
Obsessing over how to style baby bumps, and the gluten free fad? Haha

If you could wear one pair of shoes for the rest of your life, which ones would they be?
I pretty much live in my Anne Demeulemeester boots, and sleep in my Margiela round toe ankle boots.

Coachella is right around the corner and, as we all know, it has become as much about the fashion as it is about the music. Can you put together one AGAIN look for each day of the festival? We want to make sure we’ll be looking our best! These!

Get look 1 here

Get look 2 here

Get look 3 here

Since you are the expert on making modern clothing with a timeless feel, we’re dying to know your top 5 favorite places to shop vintage in LA. (Feel free to include stories, bits about you/the brand, etc. if applicable in these top 5 picks)
Thank you so much! I have so many influences to follow, here are a few of my favorites:
• Rosebowl: If you dig you will find, it’s inspiring for furniture as well.
• Goodwill in Los Feliz
• The Way we Wore
• Shareens is always a good time. You always come out with something you

Would never pick out, and desperate for an event to wear it to.
• Painted Bird
• Princepessa, it’s Venice duh!

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