Designer Alon Livné Talks Designing For Beyonce, Project Runway, and Lil Kim

At just 22 years old, Israeli-bred designer Alon Livné has done more than most industry people can say at 50. Having dressed everyone from Ciara to Lea Michele to Beyonce herself, he’s managed to tap into a niche in the fashion game with his futuristic designs that has everyone calling. We caught up with the budding designer to talk shop..

Describe your brand in 5 words.

Feminine, Avant-garde, Artistic, Sculptural, Confident

What inspires your work?

Everything inspires me! Powerful women, nature, transformation, balance of geometric proportions and loads of music

What’s your spirit animal?

With a doubt the cat – a powerful, independent animal that leads and has never been led.


Favorite movie from the 80’s?

I’m more of a 90’s child! But if I must choose, the Star Wars trilogy.

Favorite music to listen to when you’re designing?

In every collection I’m inspired by different music and artists. Currently, I’m totally into classical and experimental indie music.


Worst experience from Project Runway?

I must say, I didn’t have a bad experience at all! It was quite enjoyable and I learned so much about myself as a designer…it really made me trust my vision.

What happened/was it like when you got the first call to design for Queen Bey?

Getting the call to work with Beyonce was definitely has been the highlight of my career so far; it’s not every day you get the opportunity to design for biggest music star in the world. It was all very unreal, I was driven out to the Izod Center where she was rehearsing at midnight for a fitting…I met the whole team, Miss Tina and Raquel and Ty..I love all of them and working with them has been such an honor and pleasure!


How long did the red dress take to make and how did the design process go?

Once I had the concept it didn’t take too long. I knew I wanted to combine floral-inspired body jewelry somewhere at the chest, and also create a dramatic, fluid skirt that would highlight and enhance the body’s every movement. Once Beyoncé tried on this concept dress, we worked together to modify it for the stage. The body jewelry became gold hardware (a breastplate, almost) with Swarovski crystals, the dress took different colors and we made it into a leotard for performance purposes.

F***, Marry, Kill: Miss Piggy, Miley Cyrus, Lil Kim?

Kill Miss Piggy. F**k Miley Cyrus. Marry Lil’ Kim

Any fun Halloween plans?

I am hosting a “Paris Is Burning” inspired Halloween party on our rooftop terrace in Tel Aviv!


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