This App Will Deliver Your Birth Control With No Prescription Necessary

If you’re a girl who’s constantly on the go, you’ve certainly dealt with the perils of birth control.

If you’re moving away or traveling, you constantly are on hold with your gynecologist and your pharmacy in hopes of transferring your prescription. If you forget to pack your birth control for your weeklong getaway, you run the risk of getting your period early and totally screwing up your cycle.

Norwegian app creators Hans Gangeskar and Edvard Engesaeth are looking to resolve this issue with their new app called Nurx, which delivers your birth control right to your door. No more last minute trips to CVS, no more long phone calls with your gyno, no more weekends sans your little pink pills. 

California and Oregon have recently taken strides in women’s health to allow females to get their birth control directly from pharmacists rather than through their gynecologist, which has led to the development of Nurx. Currently available in California, Nurx is following the ranks of Grubhub, Birchbox, and many other services that are bringing your goods straight to your house. Just provide insurance information, the type of birth control you desire (pills, NuvaRing, patch, etc.), and your medical history.

If you have insurance, the delivery service is totally free. Even if you don’t, the delivery fee is a modest $15, which sounds like a small price to pay for the convenience of the service. Creators Gangeskar and Engesaeth explained to MTV that, “Coming from a country like Norway it is difficult for us to understand why birth control is so controversial [here]…it shouldn’t be controversial.” 

The founders also have disclosed that they soon plan to expand Nurx into Washington D.C, New York, Washington state, and Illinois, and eventually worldwide. They also hope to soon add HIV prevention medication and Plan B to their roster of available medications through Nurx, citing the “3 million unintended pregnancies and 50,000 new HIV infections each year in the United States” as their inspiration. 

With many conservative politicians increasingly working against women’s right, it’s good to see that someone is still on our side. We are intrigued to see how the new birth control laws and Nurx will change the way we view contraceptives in the upcoming year.

Image via Fast Company

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