Remember Scissor Sistors? Get to Know Del Marquis’ Sexy New Sound


Do you remember Del Marquis from the early 2000’s iconic band Scissor Sisters? Now, Del Marquis is back with Slow Knights, a collective of singers that produces music combining sexy synths, sweet R&B lyrics and — could that be right? trap beats? Del is always surprising us, so after listening to “Kiss Me”, the first song off their Living in a Dark World record to be released in April, we asked him to give us the deets on what’s coming up next.

Have any of your pre-concert rituals changed since you first began touring? 

It used to be guitar scales, push-ups, makeup, primping, figuring out exactly how much dessert I could sneak from catering without busting out of my tight outfits – a decade of this! When I think of how much time I spent staring into a mirror, I just laugh and thank the maker I got it all out of my system.  I just had to worry about myself in Scissors, but in Slow Knights, I’m usually making sure the singers have what they need. It’s a little bit of management and a lot less focus on my visage.

How has the process of writing music changed as you write with different groups, or by yourself?

Mostly I wrote guitar parts over things the boys did, I never sat down and wrote out a lyric or presented a track. I just wanted to play guitar and had more frustrated ambitions to be involved in the writing process. But it never felt natural and it was a challenge to myself to write a bit of my own story with Slow Knights and explore what music would sound like if I was producing and writing it.


What are your feelings about Lady Gaga? Did you know people called ARTPOP (her latest album) ARTFLOP?

I love Artpop. In the end, you’re just left with the music — cancel out the internet sensationalism and over-wrought statements from her and it’s a fun album.

I watched an interview of the Scissors Sisters with FabMagazine from 2012, and was struck by what you said about how celebrity identities are not often defined by their stage presence, yet for yours at the time, it definitely was. Also, you said that the pop world has been strongly influenced by  homosexual culture — I totally agree with this. Like, even rap music always has very strong homoerotic undertones within the lyrics and imagery. Do you still feel that homosexual qualities are appropriated into mainstream without recognition?

I don’t remember that first bit, maybe it was taken out of context – I don’t agree. Stage presence can be seamless for some people. I’m imagining Kanye West now. Some people, like myself, get to live out and explore an identity that they might have been to shy to do otherwise. That bravado is there, just bubbling under the surface.

What’s your favorite love song?

‘Sweet Thing’ by Chaka Khan.

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