The Ultimate Guide To Dealing With A Sunburn

Beaches are open, which means snoozing in the sand is finally an option again. The unfortunate part of laying around in the sun is the too often sunburn that comes with it. Not only are sunburns annoyingly painful, they actually make your skin look older (oh no). Heres some killer tips to help get rid of that first sunburn of the season painlessly, so you can go back to looking like a bronze goddess and not a ripe tomato .


1). Drink up – Hydrate yourself and not just with fruity drinks in the cabana, and although you’re not thirsty for a man after a long day at the beach, you should be thirsty for some H2O to help get your body’s water levels back to norm.


2).  Pop some pills – And by pills I mean some Tylenol, it will help with how hot you feel and some of the swelling. To avoid the headaches and Tylenol, use this extra tough face specific sunscreen ( it’s also a primer so you can use it everyday. SCORE!)


3). Get wet – In the shower, with only cold water, try to avoid soap too. Although the sand and whale semen may be uncomfortable soaps can dry out your skin a ton, especially after the burn. If you can’t hold off the shower for a bit then be sure to use extremely mild soaps, like baby wash or this soap.


4). Soak – you can soak away your worries as well as your sunburn with these super easy home remedies. Not only will they help with the sunburn, they leave you feeling refreshed! Apply this sunscreen to help moisturize your skin and avoid the dry feeling that comes with sunburns.


  • -A cup of apple cider vinegar in a tub full of cold water
  • -Sprinkle a tablespoon of baking soda in a tub full of cold water
  • -An old tube sock filled with oatmeal and tied at the end. Just toss it in a tub full of cold water while you soak with it, or try dropping one of these babies in the tub with you.


5). Make an ointment – get into your creative side and make your own ointment that is super easy and actually works!

  • -Cold milk- although it sounds weird, just soak a cloth in some cool milk and pat yourself everywhere with it (don’t you dare rub!)
  • -Cucumber paste- let them sit in the fridge and slightly blend it so you get a paste that you can rub everywhere. Feel good with the all natural sensation, plus you can put some on your eyelids and get the spa feel with the spa results minus the price, if you’re feeling lazy you can buy some here.
  • -Tea- especially wherever it hurts most, just make sure it’s cooled off. Tea has tannic acid which is super duper helpful for sunburns. Try this tea infused sunscreen to avoid the burn altogether!


6). Be best friends with aloe vera – Apply as much aloe vera as your heart desires, because your skin desires it too. You can also use Eucerin creams if you have a grudge against aloe for the same type of relief and cooling. You can purchase aloe vera sunscreen to help for the next time you go out in the sun for the same relief and protection!


7). ICE ICE BABY – Apply cold compresses, but never directly to your skin! Always use a towel as a buffer. Your body will thank you for bringing the heat down a bit. Plus ice cream is a type of ice?!


8). Fool you once– don’t be fooled again. Remember to apply tons of sunscreen next time liberally, always 30 minutes before direct sunlight and after activities so you don’t find yourself googling how to deal with a sunburn again. Try Kiehl’s, super light and all organic too!

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