The 7 Deadly Snapchat Sins


Snapchat has literally become a f***ing phenomenon. If you’re not sending or receiving them, you’re watching other people’s stories. You hate it, and you love it, and you’ve definitely committed one of these snapchat faux-pas:

1. The Club-Goer

You got VIP Bottle Service at 1Oak, and if you didn’t snap it, it didn’t happen… right? There’s no way you’re spending 1,500 to not document every second of it.

Unfortunately, if you’re wasting half your night taking videos of the sparkling champagne bottles, you’re probably not even having that good of a time- and everybody will know it. Besides, no one actually cares.

2. The Playing Hard To Get Fail

I don’t want to text my crush first… so if I snapchat him (making sure to show as much cleavage as possible), it’ll seem so much more casual… right?

Not that I haven’t done this…and I’m sure said dude appreciates the visual, but whether you’re texting, snap-chatting, or sending a f*cking morsecode- face it, you’re still hitting him up first.

3. The Text Snap

As much as I appreciate boo sending me selfies, why is he trying to have an entire conversation on here? This is worse than trying to keep my emotions within 140 characters on twitter, not to mention I look ugly af right now and don’t want to have to take a selfie to respond to his message…ugh.

4. The After School Special

I will never understand this one… why do people put videos in their story of the TV show they’re watching? Do you think that I don’t have a TV (or laptop) of my own to watch a program on? I don’t need to see your shittier quality, tiny screened version, thanks.


5. The “I Know What You’re Doing” 

You didn’t respond to my text, but you just sent a picture of a can of Natty Light to your story… so I know you have your phone, but you’re just being a cunt. Hm.. or are you purposely trying to show me that you’re not going to respond to my message because you’re too busy having a drink? Either way, you suck.

6. The Most Desperate Booty Call There Ever Was

Thankfully, I haven’t seen too much of this (save for one dude I mistakenly added on snapchat from Tinder), but sending a shirtless snap of yourself to your story with the caption “who’s up?” is not a good look for anyone.

7. The Over-Achiever 

If your snapchat story is over 100 seconds, you better be f*cking skydiving or getting drunk with Barack Obama, because nobody (and I mean nobody) cares about your life that much. If they did, you would have a reality show (and they probably still wouldn’t actually care).

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