Dawn Richard: On Danity Kane Reunion, The Making Of The Band Curse, And Bare Chested Men

Dawn Richard has had a whirlwind of a career.  Back in 2006, the singer was one out of 5 girls chosen to become a member of P. Diddy’s girl group Danity Kane on his popular television show, Making The Band. After releasing two successful records, the band dismembered in 2009 due to personal differences, allowing Dawn to pursue her own path in the music industry. Since then, the artist has launched a successful solo career, having released 2 EP’s and a full length album, and is currently in the studio with the girls from Danity Kane for a highly anticipated reunion. We caught up with Dawn to see what the singer’s been up to and what we should be expecting in the new year..

What was the audition process actually like for Making The Band?

Tedious.. Singing for one judge, dancing for another, doing both for yet another judge. And them picking 21 girls out of 10,000.

What was it like living in a house with all girls? 

Chaos!!! So many different moods. Women are competitive already, so being in a competition with them as  well as living with them at the same time creates a lot of tension.

What were some of the crazy rules you guys had in your contracts? 

So many to name! I think I may have given my first born lol.


What designer label would the superhero Danity Kane’s costume be? 

Hmmm, great question. I would probably have to say Haider Ackermann.

What can we expect from the Danity Kane reunion? 

The most honest and real art you’ve been waiting for from us.

Why do you think every band from Making the Band broke up? 

I think it’s just hard to keep everyone on a same page. Everyone has different goals. It’s finding a way to keep your end game the same.

What was your inspiration for each part of the Heart trilogy? 

Based on Joan of Arc’s quest to deliver a message she felt needed to be heard.

What’s on your Christmas wish list?

Two bare chested men wearing wranglers and some mistletoe 😉

Any New Year’s resolutions? 

Learning to enjoy my journey. I work so much and so hard I sometimes don’t sit to enjoy all I’ve done. I’m a workaholic.

What can we expect from Dawn in 2014?

You’ll have to wait and see! I may just fly. 😉

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