Radio Rebel: Dawn Richard

Goldenheart Dawn Richard

I must confess… I own (and <3) all two Danity Kane albums and there’s not an episode of MTV’s Making The Band replete with many entertaining Diddy freak-outs that I haven’t seen on multiple occasions. I also may or may have intensely studied the killer choreography from the ladies’ debut music video, “Showstopper,” in which the five-some work the streets like a sassy bad girl bitch gang. But all good things come to an end, and I mourned for months following Danity Kane’s televised divorce. Things started to look up momentarily when the DK front-woman with pipes of solid soul, Dawn Richard, once again hit the radio-waves, though this time around with the short lived (and underrated) Dirty Diddy Money. Nowadays, Richard has done the unthinkable by ditching the played-out mainstream producers (and Diddy!) for a label-free solo career. It may sound like a potentially disatrous decision, but the overwhelming raves for her just-released debut solo album, Goldenheart, tell otherwise. Majorly. The rebellious singer’s debut LP refreshingly overflows with experimental, synth-heavy futuristic tunes. Pop starlets, take note. There’s heartbreak; there’s revenge; there’s shower-belting-friendly, ear-gasmic bangers. In other words, the album is SO GOOD. Read on for our chit-chat with Galore’s latest obsession…

In a sentence, introduce yourself using the word SEXY! THE SEXY BITCH has arrived!

You go, girl. In a sentence, describe your album including the world BANANAS: Goldenheart is bananas… go ape… shit!

So, what is your favorite song on the LP and why? It changes every day. “Return of a Queen” is my fav today. It’s so aggressive and vocally strong.

You’re a Leo… Meow! What are the ups and downs? I’m a diehard Leo. There are no downs. Only ups…! Says a true Leo.

What is your spirit animal? Lion. And not a lioness. A male lion. Yes!

What would the title of your memoir be? The Untamed Lion.

Let’s say a slew of leading lady pop singers wanna collab with you… but there can only be one! It’d be Florence Welch. And it would sound like “Wailing Water” on a dance floor.

Favorite Instagram: Mine. @DawnRichard

First CD You Owned: Green Day’s Insomniac. 

Most Recent Music Download: My album #Goldenheart. Honestly, I did.

Most Recent Meal: Crawfish! Just left New Orleans.

Celeb Crush: Zoe Kravitz.

Valentine’s Day is approaching. Describe the purrrfect date. Booze, candy, naked man. Not necessarily in that order.

It’s fashion month! If you were asked to work a runway as a model, would you? And what show should would you wanna strut in? Yes. I’d have to grow 12 more inches of course. But I’d walk Haider Ackerman, of course.

What is the sexiest item of clothing you own? Alexander McQueen f*** me boots.

Favorite place in the world for amazing street style? New York.

Favorite model of all time? Agyness Deyn.

Apologies, but PLEASE lemme go back in time for a hot second… Favorite. Danity Kane. Song! (Say DAMAGED/SLEEP ON IT/BAD GIRL please!!!) Damaged/Sleep/Bad Girl! Haha.

I knew you were my favorite member for a reason! So, where do you see yourself in 10 years? Barefoot running in a southern style garden at home with ten kids making watermelon lemonade hella happy. Lol. And hopefully a few Grammy’s under my belt.


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