David Bowie’s 1979 SNL Performance Proves Today’s Musicians Need to Step It Up

It seems like every day since David Bowie’s death, there’s been a new tribute to him that makes us realize even more how incredibly ahead-of-his-time he was — through his gender fluidity, his musichis fashion sense and even his politics.

Last night, the tributes continued in the form of a “Saturday Night Live” performance. The show dug up his 1979 appearance and shared his rendition of “The Man Who Saved the World” with the audience.

And it’s pretty much unlike any other SNL performance we’ve ever seen:

Bowie also performed “TVC-15” that night, and NBC posted some video of that online too:

But his performance of “Boys Keep Swinging” was the most unique of all.

In addition to reminding us of a great artist, hopefully these idiosyncratic performances can inspire today’s musicians to go a little further than the classic stripped-down SNL performance.

[H/T Vulture]

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