5 Reasons Why Dating A Woman Is Way More Convenient Than Dating a Dude


Being a woman and dating women has more than its fair share of advantages. Here are five instances in which our big fat lesbian crushes have really paid off.

1. Your wardrobe is now double the size. 


While you may be a different size or shape than your partner, you can, at the very least, always rely on the fact that both your wardrobes will feature clothing that has room for boobs.

Sure, you can throw on your boyfriend’s sweatshirt– but when you’re a woman dating a woman you can wear pretty much everything in your significant other’s closet as well. Are all of your tank tops in the dirty laundry? No problem, just snag one from your girlfriend’s side of the closet.

2. You Never Have To Explain Yourself When You’re On Your Period. 


You’re hungry. You’re tired. You’re experiencing a ridiculous amount of painful cramps right now and on top of all that you’re SO HORNY. And yeah, you also just happen to be bleeding from your vagina 24/7 for the next week (kind of metal, right?). Luckily, you don’t have to explain any of this to your girlfriend. She gets it.

Hell, she probably has hers too because by now, the two of you have done that weird magic sh*t that women do when they are around each other for long periods of time and have synced up cycles.

Unlike the men in your life (can we call them men if they are still afraid of period blood?), your girlfriend isn’t freaking out when she finds out you use a diva cup. She uses one too. And since you both use them, and you both aren’t freaking out about them, the two of you can have all the amazing period sex you want.

3. She Paints Your Nails For You


You suck at painting your own nails because, who in the world knows how to properly give themselves a manicure with their less dominant hand? Now that you’re in a relationship with a woman, you never have to worry about your fingers looking like you dipped your hand in a paint bucket. She’s got you.

4. Cuddling Is The Best Because She Smells Delicious And Has The Softest Skin


You both understand the immense value in moisturizing that men, somehow, just don’t really seem to get.

And maybe the best part about dating a woman?

5. No Negotiating Gender Roles.


There’s no awkward tension about who pays for dinner. No unspoken assumption about who will be cleaning up around the house. You don’t have to cater to a fragile male ego. You go halves on everything. You both are in the business of getting shit done. And like real adults, you clean up after yourselves.

Sure all of these things can happen when you’re dating a dude as well, if you manage to snag one that has the same values of you. But when you’re a woman dating a woman, you don’t even have vet the person your dating and make sure that they’re okay with you being successful and possibly making more money than them.


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