7 Reasons Not To Give Up On True Love

Everyone deserves a little love. Don’t let your past experiences cheat you from getting what you deserve. You may feel hopeless from the past f*** boys/girls that broke your heart but you deserve the best. Here are 7 reasons not to give up on finding your boo!


1. The beat goes on | This isn’t the end of your story. Life has many trials and tribulations. Don’t let one or two or three heartbreaks create a road block in your path to true love. Just wait there’s more…

2. Maybe it wasn’t that bad? | Looking back and looking at things in hindsight, you still remember your emotions. The feelings attached to that memory may sting but when you look at it for what it was…it may seem dumb. Like did I really cry over that? You may find that you over-reacted. You may find that it wasn’t the end of world.

3. There are 7 billion people on the planet | Or 8 billion… Whatever! My point is…why judge all people or relationships off of your few experiences. There are so many different flavors out there to try.

4. Every experience is new! | No one person is exactly the same as the other. It may seem that way but it’s perception. Open your mind and see that each person has something different to offer.

5. There may be a one in a million | Every one else let you down but that one in a million super amazing totally f***ing awesome person may be right around the corner.

6. Maybe you had unrealistic expectations before? | Maybe the expectations you had in previous relationships were unrealistic. Nothing wrong with high standards and you might meet the person who can actually meet them.

7. Because you deserve it! | Unless you’re a lying, cheating, destructive asshole, you deserve a bae. You deserve to be kissed, held and adored like anybody else.

Keep your head up!

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