Do You Have Bad Luck Or Bad Taste With Men?


I’ve said it. You’ve said it. My middle school science teacher has probably said it.

“I have the worst luck with guys.”

After almost every sh*tty break-up,  we always come back to saying how awful our luck is. As if the universe decided to f*ck us over for a bit by sending us the biggest asshole ever. Wrong. I’m starting to see now, that dating the douche has less to do with luck and more to do with taste.

Sure, most of us have fire taste when it comes to food, clothes, vacation spots, etc. But when it comes to men, not so much. Don’t fret though, we have some pointers to help steer you in the right direction to meet your perfect man.

1. Have Some Depth

Guys aren’t interested in dating one of their bros who has long hair and boobs. Real interests and opinions are hot. And guys need stimulating conversations so cut the high-pitch, playing dumb card. You’re smarter than that.

2. Be Straight Forward

The nice dudes, who actually care about you, want to know if this is even going anywhere. But they’re usually too shy to ask. If you’re not into him, tell him. Don’t toy him around. Remember, assholes love games and confusion. Nice dudes want honesty and answers.


3. Where The Hell Is He?

Well you probably f*cking friend zoned him along with any other guy you’ve written off. But don’t worry, he’s typically always around or there for you. Probably waiting for you to realize you have feelings for him. Or after a few tequila shots when it won’t be awkward to talk about feelings and desires.

4. Where You Will Spot Them

Table service next to the dj booth at 1OAK.


You definitely won’t find him there. Good dudes will usually be found in calm and quieter settings as opposed to a club. They’re not trying to see you black out screaming to a Taylor Swift song or vomiting on their new shoes. A chill concert, apartment party, friend outing etc. That’s where you’re going to meet your dude.

5. How To Approach The Situation

Now it’s not as if these guys are hideous in the face and have zero confidence. They’ve probably just dealt with way too much rejection. So chances are they’re not going to make the first move if they see you across the room. But guess what? You will. Sometimes these guys just need a little extra push.

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