Darling Amy Hood Interviews The Equally Darling Reptile Youth

Model & actress Amy Hood features in Reptile Youth’s dope new video “JJ” AND she took some time to interview these folks too AND now you have the pleasure or heading there conversation below!

By Peter Kaaden

Where are you guys from?
We are both from the countryside of Denmark. I grew up in the middle of nowhere. Next to a big forest. Not to far from the sea either. Sometimes I find myself being a little sad. Over nothing. Then I realize its because I’ve been too long in the city. I need to stretch my eyes ones in a while. Thats what nature does to you. Sucks you in. In the very best way

This is your second album, do you find it gets easier or more difficult to continue to produce albums, both technically and creatively?
We find it easier, though the process of making an album is always a challenge. It’s never easy, but you get wiser each time you go through a process like this. At least we think so. Maybe it’ll change in time, or maybe not. And maybe this second album havn’t been easier at all, but we just tend to feel that way cause we’ve been through a similar situation before.
You earn some skills, get some experience and maybe even become a better songwriter. But that doesn’t necessarily make a great album – the most important thing is the nerve and the depth, and that’s something which does not just pop up no matter how experienced you might be.


As your success as a band increases, do you feel that you are still maintaining the same level of honesty in your creative process?
Yes. If we weren’t being honest, we wouldn’t know what else we should be. It’s boring to try to be something that you’re not or to write music you don’t see yourself in, just because it is hot at the moment. F*** that, we dont want that. You have to be honest in your music no matter what, otherwise the people listening to it wont feel it in their bones, and neither will you when you stand on the stage and perform it live.


How are you being received outside of europe verses your home turf?
Depends. We are for instance for some strange reason being received extremely well in Mexico. Its funny how your stuff makes sense to someone so far away from where you are. And someone who had a completely different life. We have also played a lot in Asia. The States and Canada have been a little harder to break. But just wait and see

For someone who’s never heard your music before, how would you describe?
I guess we are somewhat a rock band. With a soft spot for punk as well. And we play electronic music. With our hands. Not inside computers. Not that I have a problem with computers. But we like to loose it. And computers are not always good at loosing it.

Your video for your song jj was on noisey, we loved the video. what was inspiration for it and the story behind it?
First of all in love with the video, as I am in love with Jonathan’s work in general. I discovered his photos a couple of years back and have been a big fan ever since. He’s work is very seductive and sexual with a dark and melancholic twist. Just like a dream. With this video we emailed a little back and forth before starting. Shared ideas and I send him the lyrics and parts of the story behind the lyrics. JJ is a drug addict. He’s been that for more than 20 years. Smoking heroine. He has kind of followed me for a long time through the different bands that I have been playing in. And 2 years ago he somehow got my email address and started mailing me. I really liked his emails. They were completely without any filter. As if the words just jumped from his face and onto the screen without any form of editing. He wrote about his life. His thoughts. The drugs. Art and music. Whatever was on his mind. This continued for months. I slowly started replying him when I enjoyed his words. At some point he told me that he was in a very good period of his life and that he wanted to try to get of the drugs for 10 days. He hadn’t been off the drugs for that long in more than 10 years. And so we made a deal. I wanted to encourage him. That if he kept off smack for 10 days I would write a song for him. And he did.

Are you equally interested in video production as you are in music?
I am equally inspired by visual work as I am to music.

RY by Peter Kaaden 3D

Who inspires your creativity?

I guess I inspire my own creativity the most. I mean sometimes you see something or someone and feel an urge to do something. But most of the time it seems as if creativity comes from within. An urge to communicate. Or bring something within to life. That being said I know that I can do certain things to fire up myself. Put myself in situations where there is a good chance of finding flames. I like when I allow myself to be brave for instance. When I do something that I didn’t think I had the balls to do. That really gets me going. And it is so strange that I don’t do it all the time. Weird mechanics inside. I don’t think I will ever understand it.

Where has been your favorite place you performed? where would you like to perform?
I don’t care too much about which “room” I perform in (room also being an open field or whatever….) I care more about what happens in that “room”. Great performances only occur when both the band and the audience have a day where they believe in it all. And trust each other, And are willing to put all they have inside that room. That being said the “room” of cause have an effect on people. Amazing rooms make it easier for people to open. I would like to perform in space. Or inside a huge animal. Or maybe at an orgy.

Whats coming up for you this year?

A lot of concerts. And adventures. But apart from that I don’t know. And I don’t care too much. I care about making music. Performing it. And love.

Photographs by Peter Kaaden


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