Daphne Joy’s 6 Tips For A Mermaid Body

Daphne Joy‘s curves have nearly broken Instagram on at least 15 occasions (we counted). That’s why we requested she share the keys to achieving an astonishing body that leaves jaws dropping and fingers double-tapping. Her six tips are miraculously down to Earth, possible to execute with even the smallest shred of dedication. Follow her easy regimen to get the body of a Pirates of the Carribean mermaid — minus the tail.


1. Create a daily schedule, before bed or every morning. This will help you stay on track and not miss your workouts.

2. Hydration: alkaline water if possible: you can even make it yourself. Or, coconut water!

3. At least 1 hour of hard core working out every 2-3 days. 30 minutes of cardio on off days.

4. Fresh, balanced meals. Especially protein, greens and fruits. No additives like ketchup, mayo or anything that comes processed or in a bottle. There’s lots of ways to flavor your food with veggies and natural fruits.

5. At least 6-8 hours of sleep.

6. Shredz BCAA+ Glutamine supplements. It benefits muscle recovery, helps build muscles, repair, and help with fatigue during training.

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