Danny Kim’s Burning Man Diary

If you ever caught an exclusive music performance at a high-profile fashion event (including Galore’s events) in New York, there’s a good chance the on-stage magic was produced by Danny Kim through his company Soapbox Productions.

We asked Danny to bring back some of the sights and sounds of this year’s Burning Man festival, where he was on-site “participating” as a sound engineer before his busy fashion week itinerary ahead.


Before we checked into Burning Man, Black Rock City was hit with thunderstorms, which forced event cancelation for day 1. We had to wait for road conditions to improve overnight (over 18 hours!) to check into the event site, but despite that, everyone in stuck queue for entry enjoyed each other’s company had a great time!


The towering Man is the most iconic art structure located at in the center of the playa. This year the base of The Man housed Burning Man’s Caravansary theme (a central meeting place of travelers) sharing arts, crafts and entertainment.


Aside from The Man, The Temple is the other staple structure at Burning Man. The Temple is actually the last structure to be burned after The Man, and can be a sad place as participants leave behind things that they want to say good bye to, or let go of. This includes anything and everything from memorials of lost loved ones who’ve past in the last year to love letters and gifts from that cheating ex-boyfriend a girl want’s to forget about.


Radical self-expression is encouraged at Burning Man, meaning you can dress at your funniest, weirdest, coolest—any way you wish that expresses yourself! We ran into Burning Man babes Talis Kyra and Kelli Lumi in their funky outfits, soaking up the sun and enjoying the art in deep playa.


Embrace was one of the bigger art installations on the playa. The best part of pieces like this is that you were allowed to go inside of them and climb them. Embrace was made of 160,000 pounds of wood and stood 72 feet tall!


Having an art car on the playa is one of the few luxuries that can be seen as a status symbol since most of getting around Black Rock City is by bike or foot. Since corporate branding is not allowed at Burning Man, Wide Awake is an art car (and camp), which our friends at Insomniac (producers of Electric Daisy Carnival) are behind. It features a state-of-the-art Funktion One sound system designed by Sound Investment– a company I work closely with for large-scale events and high-end sound installations. With a slamming sound system, it was by far one of the nicest art cars at Burning Man– in a funny way, almost the equivalent of being on a yacht out in the desert!


Outside of the many activities throughout Burning Man, it’s probably most famous for its parties and well-known DJs talents who voluntarily play sets for participants. One late night, Wide Awake teamed up with our friends at Robot Heart to double up on sound and put on a big sunrise party on the playa. With two art cars equipped with booming sound systems, Tale of Us played till the sun came up– it was just one of those things that couldn’t happen anywhere else!


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