Beach Babe Dani Seitz Shares Her Saltwater Hair Tips

Dani Seitz is a model to love. The blonde beachy IMG bombshell is a complete head turner with an incredible personality to match her good looks. Her Instagram gives a perfect example of her cool-girl charm – she’s honestly hilarious. But aside from being hot and having a super fun vibe, Dani has some mega beach-time beauty tips our Galore Girls need in their own lives. Check out what Dani recommends below, and Happy Bikini Season everyone!

Galore Mag Dani Seitz

What’s your go-to bikini and favorite swimwear brands?

Zimmermann is my favorite right now. Their prints are beautiful and I really love their one pieces!

What do you do if you’re going swimming but have zits that NEED to be covered?

I hate wearing makeup to the beach, so I usually put on some SPF and hope for the best. What can you do? I mean, shit happens. Luckily, salt water is super healing for the skin.

What 3 essential items are always in your beach bag?

My Garrett Leight sunglasses, some Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunscreen and a volleyball since I can’t sit still!

Easiest fix for saltwater hair?

Just go with it. I’d kill for 24/7 beach hair!

Best way to remedy a red, peeling sunburn?

Aloe Vera!!!!! Get that stuff straight from the plant.

Pick one:

Flip flops or Birkenstocks?

Birkenstocks! I’m still getting used to them, but I’m slowly falling in love.

Poolside or beachside?

Beachside, definitely.

Daytime frolicking or nighttime skinny dipping?

Nighttime skinny dipping 😉

Galore Mag Dani Seitz

Galore Mag Dani Seitz

Galore Mag Dani Seitz

Galore Mag Dani Seitz

Galore Mag Dani Seitz

Galore Mag Dani Seitz

Galore Mag Dani Seitz

Photographer – Jennifer Massaux

Model – Dani Seitz at IMG

Makeup/Hair – Erika Parsons using Burberry for Art Department 

Stylist – Vanessa Dekeyser

Assistant Photographer – Andreas Zitt

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